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I am a jazz
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Other key Publications/Productions
Liner notes for John Santos - Art of the Descarga: https://folkways.si.edu/the-john-santos-sextet/art-of-the-descarga

Los Olvidados (The Forgotten Ones) Audio Documentary on Afro-Latin Jazz: https://www.33third.org/los-olvidados/

My interests in jazz are:
My work focuses on changing the existing narrative about Jazz, what it stands for, it's complicated history, and the phenomena of it's evolution as an international renown art form. My work encompasses research on the larger ecology of factors (cultural, political, economic and technological) that effect this art form and how it might respond to waves of disruption to it's economic foundation.
More about what I do:
I consult with small businesses, non-profits and educational institutions on how to manage their digital security and privacy concerns. I also design, produce, strategize, write and code creative solutions where it applies. My written work includes articles for WGBH Jazz 24/7 and liner notes for projects by John Santos, Doug Beavers, Oscar Hernandez, Josean Jocobo and Steven Brezet. My broadcasting work includes a bi-monthly stream of contemporary Jazz called Currents, the alternative artist spotlight series Dialogs, experimental/ambient Jazz music sets called Tapas, and the upcoming feature documentary Los Olvidados on the current state of Afro-Latin Jazz. All on 33third.org, an independent platform I founded in 2019.
I support the JJA because
Jazz faces a number of wicked problems related to the history of its troubled origins, fragile standing in the music industry, shifting cultural priorities, technological disruption and COVID. I want to partner with organizations that work empower Jazz while building new, sustainable economic platforms that support the art form.
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